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Monday, August 29, 2011

mtv isle of mtv player embed

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

hopeful resurgence

I wish I could call it hibernation, but it doesn't qualify as one because of this long an impasse. Anyway, since the last time I blogged, this groundhog moved to NYC, changed jobs, finished Blink (what was 20-20), dabbled a bit with reality television and attempted to question the meaning of life a million times with futility.

All that said, I couldn't but write about the bustling life here in NYC - human drama unfolding at the turn of a street and every passing swish of a subway train.

I am hoping I can re-acquaint myself with the intrigue of human drama - spark my rhetoric and defy my laziness and start blogging again.

So, Oopa !!! to that.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

..and God said "let it flow" - the creative juices

Exciting Exciting stuff coming up!!!

20.20 : The working title of my next short. It's an experimental soundscape montage, but will have a whole meaning to juxtaposed sounds and visuals from everyday lives.

A Jean- Luc Goddard Tribute - No working title yet. This will be a 30 - 40 minute French short. Premise: A love triangle in the backdrop of a musical opus and a UN summit for refugee resettlement.

Love and Lingerie - Script is waiting to be shot. Any takers for seed investment?

Sidenote: If you are in middle Georgia, watch out for the airing of Orange. One of the TV channels selected Orange for their August Indie showcase series.

Monday, July 24, 2006

A private world premiere party for Orange

Fabulous party !!! is all I can say. It was by invitation only. Some 75 viewers came for the world premiere party of Orange. I am so relieved its over. On to greater and more kick arse projects.

Here are the pictures !!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

With great power comes great romance flicks!!

First day. First show. Putting my 7 hours of sleep to risk. Tuesday 10 pm (06/27/06) with fellow superman-iacs. The scene I was expecting.


Exterior. Twilight. Dark mystifying aura.

Lois Lane

The world was missing your action
God knows how many people were trying to fly like you!!


I was trying to master mind control techniques to fight the powers of kryptonite


I was violated superman…by

(beat) (lightening and thunder)

Lex …Lex Luther!


You mean …he was…


Yes! Exonerated …..





A distant sound of chopper Lex Luther is shouting his gut out


The day you have been waiting for..Super


I have business to take care of Lois

more lightening and thunder and superman's eyes glows and chest even more inflated


The scene that Brian Singer thought was right according to his screenplay and what I got…

Exterior. Twilight. Gentle breeze. Beautiful vantage view of the cityscape.


..Not even a good bye?


I had to see it for myself..

The astronomers discovered it still exists


Clark tells me that may be you didn’t have the time to say good bye

Superman (leaning gently over Lois and looking into her eyes)

May be Clark is right!

Lois stand on her toes, leans on his broad chest, closes her eyes and is about to kiss him. She draws back.


Richard is a nice man!

Superman’s mojo is cracked ! He prepares to fly off.


Will you be around. Can I see you.

Superman (smirking)

I am always around!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

A not so outdoorsy summer week !!!

  • The world is flat seems to be a never ending read. The world sure will become flatter by the time I finish this non-fiction epic. I guess Mahesh Dattani is stealing the limelite away from Mr Friedman. Have been parallely reading Dattani's collection of plays - second volume.
  • Talking about the world getting flatter, seems like the America is finally beginining to take soccer seriously - the television viewership numbers are mind blowing for the ongoing FIFA World cup. TEN times what the last superbowl drew. Have been rooting for the spirited side from Ghana. What an upset it would be if Ghana gets past Brazil. Surely will be something to cherish for my nephew in Ghana.
  • So July 15th, 2006 it is - The world premiere of Orange @ Lab 601 in Atlanta. Its a one print, one location, one theatre premiere. Sorry Miramax!! you will have to wait :)
  • Hawaii, Oslo (norwegian, 2004) - Clearly, the best film I have seen this year. Terrific human sensibility. Life, death imbalances. Power of destiny. Amores Perros' narration style rejuvenated and re-invented. A must see not just for film lovers, but for plain life lessons.
  • If you love authentic mexican try the chicken mole at Panchos - second only to the mole at Nuevo Laredo.
  • myspace.com is the greatest gift for independent film makers and musicians. Stumbled upon this local band called Dust Rabbit. Preeeeeety tight act!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Bring on some more Brit Rock !!!!

I have heard many self-proclaimed Yankees and Dookies (with no pun intended to Green day fans) say if you have heard Coldplay, you have heard em all – those “brit trash bands”. Granted!! Coldplay tends to sound monochromatic a bit, but what I most love Coldplay for, is their poetry set to music.

I am dazzled by the plethora of raw talent from underground bands in the UK. Just when you thought you got enough of Kaiser Chiefs and Franz Ferdinand, there are bands like Plastik. I can’t seem to put my finger on the alternative genre they play – somewhere between a neo-punk rock revivalist and classic grunge. Listen to their “Dead Star” and the ballad like “Bring me the head of Robert Howard”. My favorite is “London, you owe me this much”- acoustic guitar opulence; reminds me of Clapton’s Tears in Heaven.

Got a big high this week listening to this quartet called Devotchka – a Denver based band. Their influences are drawn from East European gypsy to Salsa and Meringue. They are playing at the earl this weekend and I can’t wait to see their orchestral rendition (Violin and the works) of “Queen of the Surface”.

What turned out to be an ipod download and drain was RHCP’s Stadium Arcadium. But for the album’s title song, everything else sounded like a repackaged repertoire.

So what’s with the surge in my interest levels for indie alternative bands – well I am looking for one for my next short film, Love and Lingerie. The mood and pace of the film is going to be driven by punk rock meets symphonic orchestration.